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Collaboration • Problem Solving • Overcoming

Zebradorite belongs to the feldspar family, just like moonstone, sunstone, amazonite and labradorite. It has the same beautiful shine that these stones have. Zebradorite is also known as zebra moonstone, zebra feldspar or graphic feldspar. The stone consists of moonstone with layers of smoky quartz that gave it the name zebradorite, because the striped pattern created by the smoky quartz is somewhat similar to stripes of a zebra.

Zebradorite has been discovered by rural miners in Madagascar from the Norcross-Madagascar Zebradorite quarry. They called this stone “Feldspath” in French. The stone is considered to be the “joint effort stone”. This effort is enhanced by the ability to work on emotional trauma and traumatic attacks that occur when a negative event affects us on a spiritual level. This stone is supposed to calm the heart and mind. It gives peace in a time of unrest.

Zebradorite has been used as a problem solver due to its gentle, nurturing energies. This stone offers an individual awareness of your personal goals and ambitions. It stimulates the imagination and helps stimulate willpower and self-evaluation. Zebradorite is also said to work with all chakra energies. This stone can help us achieve goals in unconventional ways. The unique combination of this stone allows us to look inside and at the same time find strength without limits. Zebradorite can help achieve higher goals during every milestone of your journey.