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Acceptance • Learning • Compassion 

Variscite is named after “Variscia”, the name of the Vogtland district in Saxony, Germany, where the gem was originally found in 1837. Variscite, a hydrated aluminum phosphate mineral, is rare and has previously been sometimes confused with turquoise. Variscite is not only greener than turquoise, but it also contains no copper.

Variscite is a powerful stone for helping to let go of judgments. It stimulates the heart chakra and brings unconditional love and understanding in all situations. It is used to stimulate learning, logic and to improve reasoning and to help find self-acceptance. It can help us remember past lives and is a good meditation stone as it helps to calm and center the mind. Variscite also helps to let go of negative thinking and bad habits by bringing clarity to thinking and peace of mind so that simple solutions to long-term problems can be found.

It encourages self-expression and the communication of ideas. It gives hope and courage and is extremely helpful in support during illness. The stone aids in the exploration and memory of past lives. It works on the astral and etheric levels for central nervous system healing and on the DNA level.