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Element Fire • Energy • Intimacy

Vanadinite is a stone associated with the element fire and creates a flame of passion from within. Vanadinite is a stone that encourages you to use your creativity and imagination to solve problems and create new paths on your personal journey. Vanadinite helps you remove negativity from your life and welcome positive power. Vanadinite is often used to boost sexual energy and to help express your sexual energy.

Vanadinite promotes order and motivation in a person’s life. The fiery energy of vanadinite helps a person define goals and pursue them in an orderly, productive manner. Vanadinite protects against waste of energy and teaches someone to save energy on a physical level. Vanadinite is a support stone that provides increased stamina, persistence and willpower to see the completion of major projects.

Vanadinite is a beautiful grounding crystal for use in meditation and spiritual travel. The stone closes off the chatter of the mind and facilitates a state of being in the here and now.

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