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Personal Growth • Removes Blockages • Transformation

Fossils are mineralized or otherwise conserved remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms. Fossils are a wonderful tool to help you make the transition from the old to the new and to be receptive to the new, innovative forces that will be revealed. They can help with your personal search for transformation and personal growth and help you understand the change process.

Stromatolite are fossilized cyanobacteria, one of the oldest and first living organisms on the earth. It is estimated that these fossil remains are between 3.5 and 2 billion years old. In these specimens you can easily see the passage of time with all the different layers formed by a community of microbes. The visible stripes are often caused by iron deposits.

It is thought that stromatolite offers stability and vitality because the stone has been through many millions of years of transformation, allowing someone to strengthen their connection to the earth and the earth in its nurturing and ancient supporting structure. It has also been used to initiate personal and spiritual evolution. The stability that stromatolite offers can help someone to process emotional trauma with a renewed zest for life. Stromatolite stimulates the root chakra and ensures that you feel strong, stable and supported.