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Connections • Meditation • Dreams

Scolecite is a type of zeolite, which also includes apophylite and stilbite. The stone should help solve or deal with group problems. It can be used to increase connectivity between members of a group to make a larger whole, or it can help individuals in the group to be more tolerant of each other.

Scolecite acts on the third eye, crown and higher chakras and brings a deep inner peace for those who meditate with it. Those who experience energy blockages can use this stone well because it can break through stagnant energies emotionally, physically and mentally, allowing the energies to flow through all chakras. It can provide information from the past and the future to help someone in this physical life. Scolecite can also serve as a guide for those who enjoy astral travel and help connect with different entities from other realms. It can gently improve the dream states.

The stone can help someone achieve a sense of serenity, even during the most turbulent times, and raises higher consciousness. It gently supports responsiveness, supports expansion and helps create balance despite challenging circumstances.