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Focus • Peace • Meditation

Sapphire helps to balance the emotions. It focuses and brings peace to the mind, releases unnecessary thoughts and paves the way for a new way of thinking. It soothes anger and frustration and helps you better understand your feelings and where they come from. Sapphire helps you with a greater sense of self-insight and self-examination into your finer qualities. Work with this stone to increase inner strength and improve self-confidence.

The stone gives you peace of mind and serenity as it aligns the physical, mental and spiritual areas and restores balance in the body. It stimulates austerity, the ability to criticize and the organization of thoughts. Your intentions and will become so clear that both ideas and thoughts are realized very quickly.

Sapphire helps you train your mind for improved focus. Use it to get clarity and understanding. With its ability to improve mental capacity, this stone is useful for a better understanding of written material. It helps to focus better on the tasks that need to be performed. This allows you to focus your attention on details and for better ordering of the work.