Quantum Quattro  2 items


Removes Blockages • High Vibration • Insight

Quantum quattro is a rare stone from Namibia that consists of chrysocolla, dioptase, malachite and shattuckite in smokey quartz. The individual minerals are powerful in themselves but combined these minerals are a powerful energy with high vibration. The stone radiates healing energies that will align your chakras. It surrounds your aura and body with emotional and physical, protective vibrations.

Quantum quattro is connected to the heart, throat and third eye chakra. Through the heart chakra, quantum quattro enables you to recognize and release emotional patterns and emotional traumas that are retained in cellular memory and DNA, thereby helping with emotional healing and emotional balance.

Through the throat and third eye chakras, quantum quattro helps you with your inner vision, so that you can understand problems in your life and communicate your feelings and inner truths with a heart-focused consciousness.

The smokey quartz of this combination stone helps to ground the energies of the other absorbed minerals and cleans and protects the energy fields against negativity.