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Self-Expression • Communication • Inner Strength

The term purpurite comes from purpura, a Latin word meaning purple. Purpurite is a beautiful purple stone that is transparent to opaque with a glassy to submetal sheen. If you move the stone or keep it in the sunlight, a beautiful shine comes off, giving the stone a mystical appearance. Please note that due to the powdery nature of this mineral it can easily stain hands, clothing, etc.

The stone eliminates obstructions related to self-expression. The stone will motivate you to speak freely and fully support this. The energies of this stone are very beneficial if you have to speak or convey a speech to many people. When it comes to social interactions, this stone helps you to be both tactful and polite. Moreover, it makes you aware of the dishonesty and deception of other people. The stone will also keep you thinking transparent. In addition, purpurite has a strong healing power and offers powerful psychological protection.

Purpurite will also bring peace and tranquility to your life. The stone inspires to be less greedy, removing self-imposed and self-destructive limitations. It will also help you bond with your spiritual self. Purpurite converts negative energies into positive ones and provides very powerful grounding. Purpurite stimulates breaking through your old behavioral and thought patterns that are no longer beneficial to your life.