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Amplifying • Meditation • Creativity

Pietersite, also called eagle’s eye, was named in honor of Sid Pieters who discovered the stone in Namibia, Africa in 1962. Pietersite is a chalcedony type and consists mainly of strands of falcon eye and tiger eye.

The energy of pietersite is very powerful and strengthens other energies. These qualities ask someone to be somewhat prepared when working with the energy of pietersite. This quality can be very helpful to those who work with deeply buried past life problems that cause conflict in the present. The stone can bring out emotions that have always been suppressed, allowing them to be released and moving into the path of freedom.

Pietersite can protect someone from bad weather, especially when traveling. At home, it calms nervous pets (and their owners) who are afraid of weather conditions such as lightning and thunder. Creative people will find more self-confidence in themselves and their abilities if they wear pietersite for a long time or put it in the environment. The stone can help find creative solutions to problems.

Meditating with pietersite can make it easier to get into a deep meditative state, even to the point of trances and extra-physical experiences. The energies of the stone can clear blockages and bring light into the subtle bodies, allowing for greater advancement in one’s spiritual life. Physically, Pietersite can help with things like exhaustion, confusion, headaches and all kinds of breathing difficulties.