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Self-Confidence • Change • Wealth

Opalite is a synthetic glass made by humans. It is a dynamic, iridescent piece of glass that can contain multiple colors. Yet it is claimed that opalite contains different metaphysical properties.

Opalite is a stone of personal power that is known to increase self-esteem and improve self-esteem. Along with these empowering qualities, it also triggers the associated quality of inner strength to discover and express a person’s deeper, more buried feelings.

Opalite can be used when you undergo major changes because it helps make smooth transitions. This benefits all kinds of life changes, large and small. A few examples of this can be moving house, entering into a new relationship or getting a new job.

It is said about opalite that it can be useful for business success, and helps in manifesting wealth. Opalite promotes supportive properties of perseverance and the ability to overcome exhaustion and fatigue, as well as improved communication.