Black Obsidian  5 items


Protection • Release • Stability

Obsidian is a natural glass that is formed by volcanic activity by cooling molten lava. In general, it is a very grounding and protective stone. It is used as a major cleanser of negative energies, and helps not only to remove negativity in the environment, but also those of one’s own negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, greed, etc. Obsidian is often used for healing and letting go, lifting energy blockages and helps bring truths to the surface so that they can be solved.

Black obsidian is a powerful cleanser of negative energy in your aura, and is a strong paranormal protective stone. This stone has powerful metaphysical properties that will help you protect against negativity. The stone can be a nudge to break negative ties with people with whom you have been around. This black stone is excellent as an aid in releasing disharmony that has built up in your daily life.