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Tranquility • Peace • Ocean Energy

Larimar is the embodiment of the peaceful energies of the sea and the sky. The soft, soothing, blue colors have white patterns that resemble sunlight dancing under Caribbean waters. It brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins to harmonize body and mind.

Larimar is one of the main elements of the water element, but was born from fire in its volcanic origin. As one of the few crystals to balance the polarities of these energies, Larimar cools the mind and calms the fears, relieves stress and nourishes the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful in meditation and in connection with the Divine Feminine, and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds, patterns or principles that no longer serve the highest good. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart.

Larimar is a crystal of serenity and promotes relaxation in every aspect. Use it as a worry stone or place it at home or in the workplace to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. Hold on while you’re on the coast, or gaze into the sea-like patterns of the stone, to reconnect with the ebb and flow of your inner tides. While in the bath, you can use Larimar to connect to the healing powers of the dolphin through visualization or music from dolphin bubbles.