K2 Stone  3 items


Empathy • Intuition • High Vibration

K2 stone is a combined stone that consists of granite and azurite. K2 stones are only mined from the K2 mountain, the second highest mountain in the world. The azurite granite is found near the foot of the mountain. It is in a very remote area that is visited by very few people, making the stone rare.

K2 stone is a highly vibrating and powerful stone that helps us to gain more control over our own emotions and to feel much more centered and balanced. It helps us to share our deepest thoughts and private feelings with others, it is an excellent stone to promote harmony within a group, especially if that group really has to work together as one. It promotes empathy in us and helps us to understand other people’s point of view.

The powerful earth connection of the granite, combined with the energetic flow of the azurite, makes K2 good for spiritual workers because it will help them to interpret the messages and information they receive more clearly. K2 balances strength with gentle wisdom. it improves spiritual journeys and helps us to bring back guidance from the highest source. it requires your energy to reveal its power and to take you where you really want to go.