Unakite  7 items


Insight • Against Bad Habits • Release

Unakite is a beautiful stone by helping you get the best out of yourself and fighting bad habits. It is a protective stone that will help you get rid of negative energies and addictions that might stop you, give you optimism about the future and also grant you spiritual growth.

Unakite is an excellent stone to use if you have trouble sleeping. You can put the stone under your pillow, which also helps if you feel depressed or uncertain about the future. The stone calms you when you are stressed and good to use in difficult situations.

Unakite is a great talisman to use when you fight against long-term addictions. For example, stop smoking, overeating or excessive use of alcohol or drugs. Unakite fights bad habits with you and can potentially remove harmful toxins and energies from your system from a deep cellular level, and helps release emotional triggers that cause behavior.