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Ancestry • Abundance • Self-Esteem

Jasper comes in many different types and colors and is a general grounding but also protective stone. Jasper protects you during your astral journeys: he lets you travel safely and also safely return to the body. The energy of the Jasper species also has a cleansing and protective energy on the chakras.

Leopardite, also known as kalkoolite, is a jasper that connects with our original selves, our ancestral bonds, and our beginning of time here on Earth. It is a stone of reflection and self-awareness that helps you see deep into your soul and nurture the paths of self-acceptance and self-awareness that encourage spiritual happiness and introspection. Working with this stone strengthens self-esteem and facilitates self-confidence in times when others are trying to knock us down through judgment, gossip and negative behavior.

Leopardite balances emotions and improves self-esteem and acceptance of others and themselves. It helps us to look closely at ourselves and others and not take criticism to heart. The stone has a peaceful energy and helps with emotional stress and difficult situations, letting go and changing. It is a stone that helps solve problems. It helps to give and receive forgiveness and to reduce guilt and fear of past mistakes. Leopardite also helps reduce negative emotions such as hatred, insecurity and anger. The stone also helps bring abundance, which can lead to success in work and business.