Dalmatian Jasper  5 items


Joy • Playfulness • Positivity

Jasper comes in many different types and colors and is a general grounding but also protective stone. Jasper protects you during your astral journeys: he lets you travel safely and also safely return to the body. The energy of the Jasper species also has a cleansing and protective energy on the chakras.

Dalmatian jasper provides happiness, playfulness and positivity. It is a strong protective stone that makes it more balanced. It protects against radiation and negative energy and helps to remove this energy from the body. In addition, the stone helps people who are too rational and people who cannot stop their stream of thoughts to relax more. Dalmatian jasper works uplifting and gives energy. This can reduce depression and reduce nightmares. Physically it has a positive effect on the cartilage, nerves, sprains and reflexes.