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Boundaries • Confidence • Negativity Shield

Jasper comes in many different types and colors and is a general grounding but also protective stone. Jasper protects you during your astral journeys: it allows you to travel safely and also to return safely to the body. The energy of the Jasper species also has a cleansing and protective energy on the chakras.

Volcano jasper, also known as cherry orchard jasper, bloodstone or septinite, is a strongly grounding and purifying stone that works in personal difficult times with violent emotions, such as anger, hatred, sadness and fear, and calms these feelings. It gives you the courage to continue and shows that your goals are easier to achieve than you think. Volcano jasper teaches you to set boundaries, stand up for yourself and to say no in difficult personal circumstances. It is the stone of rebirth that learns you to gain confidence. Volcano Jasper stimulates the base chakra, stabilizes the energy of your auras and helps you define and monitor your own limits.