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Insight • Intuition • Clarity

Iolite is a stone of sight. It activates the third eye and facilitates visualization and intuitive insight. It is a shaman stone that is used in ceremonies and is also used to ensure that the outside of the body (astral projection) runs smoothly and safely. The stone can also help with the sight of our eyes.

Use and wear this stone if you find the same patterns that repeat in your life. The stone allows you to propose solutions for emotional problems where you experience that they have no good outcome. Certain situations can always be turned to the good! It can give you hope in difficult circumstances and can help you figure out how to proceed. It encourages a positive, calm and clear mind in the midst of adversity.

Iolite can help in gaining emotional distance in complex situations and a clearer perspective on this. The stone also helps during challenges, use it when you try to find your way through it. It also deflects the electromagnetic waves from cell phones, TVs and computers. Carry the stone with you when you work with it every day.