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Emotional Healing • Luck • Prosperity

Goldstone is a synthetic glass made by man. It is a shimmering piece that contains speckles of chromium oxides, making the surface of the stone sparkle. The green goldstone is known for its beauty, yet green goldstone is said to have several metaphysical properties.

Goldstone is said to be a pair of alchemical monks who attempted to make gold, the first people to create goldstone. In doing so, copper shavings were accidentally dropped into a jar of molten glass, creating the first goldstone. Goldstone is produced in various colors, such as green, blue and orange. Every color displayed by this stone is intended for some kind of energy radiating from it.

The sparkling green goldstone connects to the Heart Chakra and is especially good for emotional healing. Green goldstone has the color of nature, and is also associated with happiness and prosperity because of the combination of the beautiful green color and reflective shine.