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Spirituality • Insight • Development

Purple fluorite enhances mystical insight, psychic awareness and can open the third eye. In this area it helps in gaining access to the spiritual realms, clairvoyance and visions. Those who wish to develop these gifts would do well to meditate with the purple fluorite. Purple fluorite strengthens intuition and brings order to chaos. When placed on the crown or third eye, this stone can improve communication with spiritual guides, angels and nature spirits. This stone can also help improve energy in the home. The purple fluorite may also contain traces of green, blue, yellow, clear or rainbow fluorite.

Purple fluorite is able to protect you as you open the door within yourself to the higher spiritual realms and insights that are startling and blow you into a new reality. The purple fluorite is great to have on hand when you need to come up with new ideas, need help with brainstorming or have writer’s block, or come out of a mental rut. Purple fluorite is excellent at enhancing your mental capabilities and inspiring creativity. It helps concentration and memory, in part by creating inner peace and emotional stability.

Purple fluorite, like all other colors of fluorite, keeps you on track and focused on the job, whether it’s work-related or studying for exams. Keep it with you if you find your mind wandering. The stone is an excellent resource for students. Purple fluorite dissipates negative energy, especially from the environment, such as electromagnetic smog from electronic devices. It then gives new energy to the atmosphere. If the purple fluorite is specifically used for this, it must be cleaned often.