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Life Path • Truth • Self-Forgiveness

Eudialyte is a stone from Russia. The meaning of the name eudialyte comes from the Greek words for ‘easy’ and ‘to dissolve’, because early users of this crystal discovered that the stone easily dissolved in acid. The stone helps you find the way to grow spiritually with joy and fulfillment. This stone has a strong connection with Kundalini energy. Eudialyte helps you understand how to correct unhappy choices and be open to the truth.

If you feel wrongly treated by the universe, eudialyte can help you understand why, even if it means exploring past lives to solve the problem. This stone helps with self-forgiveness and healthy self-love. It can also take away jealousy and compulsive behavior. Allow it to help you go through the necessary changes while giving confidence that you are doing well once the changes are developed and completed.

Eudialyte helps you recognize soul mates and helps you know why you reunite with that particular soul. It also refines your ability to access and use psychic abilities. It has a very encouraging vibration and is a strong tool to help you determine which direction your life should take you in, and help you discover your life path.