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Optimism • Amplifying • Manifestation

Epidote often occurs in combination with prehnite. Epidote is useful in overcoming negativity (thinking patterns), hopelessness, destructive emotional patterns and depression. It generates hope for the future and a willingness to pursue your dreams. It helps those trapped in their long-term negativity patterns to find ways to take action or create movement. The stone stimulates a more positive emotional state to support general healing.

Epidote is an attraction stone that brings you more of what you radiate, so don’t forget that you harvest what you sow. It increases the energy of what it touches, including other stones. It is an excellent stone for alignment with nature and its healing properties. It produces a calm, earthly vibration that is particularly good for those who live in a high-energy city.

The ability of epidote to increase energy is useful in strengthening the physical body. It makes a more complete absorption of nutrients possible. The stone stimulates the immune system and is a good stone for recovery. It increases the personal power, to give your life energy and hope not to stand still in the present but to strive for a better future.