Dumortierite  2 items


Patience • Intellect • Calmness

Dumortierite is an excellent stone for memory and inquisitiveness. It will increase your intellectual abilities, and it is also a useful stone for your mental skills. It also helps with organizational skills, and clearing up emotional and mental baggage. The stone balances the throat chakra, while also improving the connection and communication between your lower and higher chakras.

Dumortierite will help you become calm during intense moments, and it will give you a clear mind to know what to do. If you have a short fuse, this stone will increase your patience. It will help you to let go of irrational fears and strengthen your courage. The stone can also help you to let go of the ego.

Dumortierite can be opened to angelic or spiritual guides. As the energies of this stone work for you, you will feel more at ease and more accessible when it comes to communicating with your spiritual guides and guardian angels. Astrologers and tarot layers work with dumortierite in combination with pearls. The interpretation and accuracy during laying are increased when this combination is close.