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Peace • Against Fears • Protection

Dolomite belongs to the carbonate class of minerals. Minerals that occur with dolomite are calcite, fluorite, barite, quartz and occasionally with gold. Although dolomite can be found all over the world, the majority is used commercially for industrial and pharmaceutical products. Dolomite occurs as white, colorless, pink, gray, orange, green or brown stones.

The stone helps you see that everything happens for a reason. Dolomite is a soothing stone and reduces insomnia, nightmares and weird sleep patterns that can be caused by fears. This stone opens the source of your fears and phobias to heal, release and end them. It is also good for those who lack ingenuity and fear of failure. The stone promotes confidence and confidence and ensures that you feel that you can do it in different (difficult) situations.

Dolomite is a very protective stone. If you place dolomite in the center of a room or space, it will balance and ground the energy of the rooms. it relieves grief and brings optimism to our lives. It opens and activates the heart chakra and is thus a beautiful crystal to bring love into your life and also to nurture and nurture the love you already have. Dolomite is a very loving energetically healing crystal. You would give this crystal to someone who lives alone or is a lonely person.