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Happiness • Balance • Mindset

Lemon chrysoprase is considered a powerful stone to bring good luck and prosperity as well as business success. This stone also stimulates loyalty in business and personal relationships. The stone enhances perception and stimulates feelings of trust and security. This stone stimulates creativity and brings out latent artistic and intuitive talents.

Lemon chrysoprase can bring happiness by reducing negative thoughts and irritability and promoting positive self-growth. It can increase wisdom and confidence, help reduce emotional stress, and encourage compassion, loving acceptance, and kindness. Besides the loving soft vibrations it is a very soothing stone. The stone is also said to have excellent healing power against depression.

This stone can help lift childhood trauma to let go and lovingly heal the inner child. The lemon chrysoprase can be used to heal the mind, help with loneliness and an emotionally broken heart. Lemon chrysoprase can help keep the mind more alert. It can help with nightmares, especially with children. Place this stone next to the bed and it will promote a good night’s sleep. Do not put the stone in the sunlight, this will fade the color.