Chrysocolla  2 items

Expression • Clarity • Teaching
Chrysocolla is often found in collaboration with azurite and malachite. The copper ore in the stone gives its blue-green color.

One of the main characteristics of chrysocolla is communication. It manifests the ability to express yourself through words and deeds. The stone is one of stimulation, which gives someone access to intuitive areas of the mind. It also stands for empowerment by teaching and helping others. This blue stone vibrates with energies of peace and tranquility. The energy field is low and stable and brings peace to places where there is constant disruption. Chrysocolla works well with people who have trouble communicating clearly in times of busyness and communicating what they really mean.
Chrysocolla is an excellent stone for people who teach, individually and for small and large groups. It helps someone gain access to higher realms of knowledge and freely share that wisdom with others. The stone will help you direct your attention to the things on which the focus must remain, and will dampen the talk of the mind. Because of the calm energy of this stone that will give peace in busy spaces, it will also help to keep the head cool and clear when there are (communicative) disruptions in the classroom.