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Removes Blockages • Awareness • Self-Confidence

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral. It is a very common mineral and is found in almost all sulfide mines. The most obvious physical properties of chalcopyrite are its coppery yellow color, metallic luster and high specific gravity. These give it an appearance similar to pyrite and gold. Distinguishing these minerals is easy. Gold is soft, has a yellow stripe and a much higher specific weight. Chalcopyrite is brittle and has a greenish-gray streak. Pyrite is so hard that it cannot be scratched with a nail, but with chalcopyrite this is easy. The surface of chalcopyrite can be oxidized to give them a blue and purple play of colors, these specimens are sold as peacock ore or bornite.

Chalcopyrite is a strong conductor of energy and stimulates the energetic balance throughout the body that penetrates deep into the cellular structure. It breaks energetic blockages and charges the physical system with healing vibrations. As a conductor of energy, it helps to relieve or dissipate energetic blockages, while increasing the flow of chi in and around the body. Chalcopyrite can help increase low self-esteem, can be helpful in finding lost items, and can aid in physical detoxification. It offers a healthy view of abundance as it aligns your inner voice with refreshing vibrations.

Chalcopyrite is an excellent stone for use during meditations. When you hold the stone, you feel a tingling energy flow through the body, so completely that it draws the mind’s attention, calms the inner chatter, allowing us to reach a state of stillness and deep meditation. It will challenge us to dive into our deepest truths and ask us to look at our most vulnerable aspects. It encourages us to remember the flow and unification of consciousness.