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Spirituality • Dreams and Sleep • Protection

Lavender chalcedony, also called purple chalcedony or grape agate, aids in the development of personal integrity and increases generosity. The stone replaces egocentric behavior with benevolent actions. It connects a person with their innate psychic abilities for increased intuition and other psychic abilities. Lavender chalcedony is a beautiful stone for dream work and shamanic travel.

Purple chalcedony helps you achieve the meditative brainwave patterns of Theta and Delta while remaining conscious. It is excellent for people who fall asleep during meditation. It can be used to balance the effects of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It improves the dream state and can aid in lucid dreaming. Physically, lavender chalcedony is said to stimulate the nervous system and help heal brain damage and relieve inflammation of the nerves and eyes.

Purple chalcedony provides a sense of emotional protection from negativity and helps you feel more connected to your higher source. It is especially helpful in helping children to get a grip on their spiritual abilities and to protect them from negative energies. Lavender chalcedony provides both spiritual awakening support and psychic protection. It allows you to stay positively centered while receiving intuitive or energetic information from external sources and prevents you from being thrown out of center by negativity you may encounter on a physical level.