Carnelian  28 items


Energy • Activating • Vitalizing

Carnelian is grounding, activating and vitalizing. The stone is uplifting and motivating and gives you confidence and therefore has a positive effect on depression, apathy and confusion. It makes steadfast, helpful, idealistic, attracts success and promotes the ability to solve problems quickly and pragmatically.

Carnelian protects against other people’s negative emotions such as jealousy and anger and prevents abuse. The stone promotes fertility, has a positive effect on the female sexual organs and helps with sexual problems such as frigidity and impotence.

Carnelian promotes the absorption of vitamins, nutrients and minerals and stimulates metabolism. It ensures good blood flow to organs and tissues and has a positive effect on varicose veins and heel spurs. The stone helps with rheumatism, joint problems and nerve pains.