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Atlantis • Past Lives • Spirituality

Atlantisite is a combination of serpentine and stichtite. It is an effective stone for healing past life cellular memories, especially those related to abuse of power. Removing negative impressions from past lives promotes and accelerates spiritual evolution. The stone is an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to access and retrieve ancient wisdom and information about your past lives from Atlantis and to complete projects that have started at that time.

Atlantisite purifies the chakras, lets kundalini energy flow freely and teaches wisdom beyond conscious perception. It reintroduces information and knowledge from the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. When this valuable information is assimilated, there is a sense of wholeness. You feel “One” with the universe. The stone helps you set the necessary boundaries to achieve your goals without incident energies. This stone helps you to be kind to yourself and others. It is a comfort for singles. Some feel that it helps to change the disruptive behavior of difficult children.

This stone is also an effective crystal for healing the Earth. It brings peaceful energy to the planet, purifies disruptive energy and restructures energy where there has been destruction and / or death. Atlantisite has a calming, centering and grounding effect. It clears up confusion and puts you on your true course. It will connect you to the earth and bring that ancient energy all the way to the soul star Chakra. This stone will show you ways to love and trust the universe, and teach you how to accept the help available through the universal link.