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Duality • Choices • Clarity

Amphibolite, also known as hornblende, is a metamorphic rock that has recrystallized or metamorphosed under the influence of temperature, pressure or hydrothermal fluids. This rock contains amphibole minerals (hence the name) and feldspars. This dark and heavy stone comes in both striped and crystal shapes and can hold a range of other gemstones and materials.

The stone is named after its own ambiguous nature. The other name of amphibolite, hornblende, combines the duality: “horn” for its color and “blenden” (German for “deceiver”, because of its resemblance to metal ores). The dual nature of amphibolite makes it an ideal stone for those who work to balance their own dual nature: peaceful warriors, embodiments of two spirits, etc. It is also believed to protect and isolate the abrasive action of human interaction and releases the need for judgments.

The stone helps a lot when you are in conflict with yourself. If you have to make big or small choices in your life, amphibolite can help you tie the knot, go for it and make sure you stand behind your choice. Hold the stone in your hand or in your clothes if you have to make a choice to clear the doubts.