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Letting Go • Activating • Against Depression

Snakeskin agate shows the clear patterns of a snake’s skin and comes in different colors such as gray, orange, red and blue. The snakeskin pattern is usually white and can also be black.

Snakeskin agate is a very happy stone that will help you remove worries and depression from everyday life and instead connect you to the joys of life. It will remind you that just as a snake sheds its skin, you can drop your past and be reborn. This stone activates your Kundalini energy when placed on the base or sacral chakras. Snakeskin agate helps to deal with devious people and difficult situations. This stone will protect you from false friends and bad influences. It will help those who are constantly hurt by betrayal and deceit by helping them break the negative pattern.

Snakeskin agate will help you emotionally to be ready and able to leave a place where you have been unhappy, or to leave a relationship that is going nowhere. It will help you overcome or master an environment where you have to stay but where you have no confidence or feel unstable. Snakeskin agate is said to physically help with skin conditions such as eczema, dry or flaky skin, warts and bites or stings. It reduces the signs of aging on the skin such as blemishes and wrinkles. Snakeskin agate stimulates weight loss and the regrowth of cells and muscles.