Moss Agate  12 items


Stability • Grounding • Nature Energy

Moss agate works grounding and stabilizes. The soft and nourishing energy of this stone brings body, mind and soul back to their natural, balanced state and brings stability and peace to all these levels, while bringing you more in contact with nature. Throughout history, moss agate has become known as the stone of gardeners.

Moss agate causes the release of deep-rooted anxiety and stress, through which you will find yourself again and you will experience personal growth. It provides a better self-image and reinforces positive personality traits, including the ability to get along well with others. Moss agate is an optimistic stone and works well against depression and ensures that you will regain the strength and belief in yourself, and to keep on positively continuing your journey through life.

Moss agate is very nice to use as a protector of the body during periods of stress. The soft, constant energy helps those who feel unstable or not grounded. It is also a good stone to use for recovery from illness. The stone increases concentration, perseverance and endurance.