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Insight • Intellect • Harmony

Laguna lace agate is found in regions of Mexico, especially in the mountain ranges of the state of Chihuahua. The bands of laguna lace agate come in different shapes such as in layers, it shows a wonderful diversity of markings. Some specimens of this agate variety also contain fossil inclusions.

The stone helps groups connect closely and could be of great benefit to educators, counselors, and coordinators. It also stimulates the imagination and inspiration for writers and artists, and has the power to weave complex themes into a work of art. It is an excellent stone for people dealing with mathematical problems, the stone stimulates intellectual and logical skills. The grounding energies also help to find your true self and to be in a harmonious state by calming the troubled emotions and intellect.

Laguna lace agate promotes inner stability, calmness and maturity. Its warm, protective properties promote safety and confidence. The stone stops burning desires to buy and want things we don’t need, and helps order obligations. The stone is useful as a protection charm while traveling. Laguna lace agate also stabilizes the aura by allowing the grounding energies to flow into the inner spiritual soul. The vibrant energies of this beautiful agate species also arouse enthusiasm for living a quiet life.