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Personal Growth • Motivation • Passion

Flower agate is a relatively new find from Madagascar. The stone is semi-transparent pink. It contains white speckles, which is reminiscent of the seeds of a flower, and also contains other white drawings of chalcedony, which can be thought of all kinds of petals in a flower field. If you’re looking for a little more enthusiasm during your routine or need encouragement to make your dreams come true, this stone is for you.

Flower agate is a stone of growth. She will remind you to honor and appreciate every part of the development process. The stone helps you reach your full potential and encourages you to make your dreams come true with heart, passion and dedication. The stone also contains a very feminine energy, which brings the feeling of security and being at home.

If you love your job, you work with passion. It is the perfect stone for entrepreneurs who want to grow and prosper their business, or those who are starting a new business in their lives. The stone can be described as an energy that helps to ‘revive’ the pleasure of life, even after long, perhaps painful and exhausting life events. In turn, we can grow into more positive and happier people, which will encourage others to do the same.