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Joy • Positivity • Satisfaction

Crazy lace agate is known as the laughing stone and is also called the happy lace agate. Crazy lace agate is a stone associated with joy. It is a great source of radiant happiness, and has a positive energy that can be used by everyone in the area. Usually this stone has vibrant colors that produce squiggles and veins of brown, black, gold and gray, and occasionally even pink and red, which can be depicted in complex patterns. The patterns resemble a woven lace. It is even believed to be very beneficial regarding the weave protection inside it.

The stone has powerful energies and properties that can help you. The stone promotes cooperation and unity among people. It also has a positive energy that will make pessimism disappear and give you a more positive outlook on life. The stone also makes you aware of your time in your life, and will show you the smaller, more subtle things in life, so you can appreciate these little things too. The stone will provide you with a sense of completeness and well-being.