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Luck • Meditation • Grounding 

The Australian amulet stone is also known as thunderegg, star agate or Mt. Hay stone, named after the Mt. Hay region, Queensland, Australia. The stone crystallizes in spherical formations and shows a star-like pattern internally. The stones are also found in various other places in the world. One of the unique features of this mineral is that when polished on the outside, the center lights up when held over a lamp. This is a stone with a powerful vibration, which may have to do with the fact that the stones were created through volcanic activities, it can hold the power and energy stored by the user. Within the stones is embodied the volcanic energy, which comes from the time the stones were created, making them immensely useful as grounding stones if you feel you need it.

The stone can help a person maintain the rhythmic breathing that is conducive to entering and attaining depth in the meditative state. It has been used to amplify electromagnetic waves, giving the self-illuminating quality and helping to perceive auras. Legend has it that the amulet stone is worn for good luck and to protect against negativity. It has been used to bring both stamina and wholeness into the body and it is said that these stones can be useful in the treatment of lung disorders, stress and emotional anger. It is a nice stone for someone who is in a low energy cycle.