Wax melts  24 items


These beautiful handpoured wax melts will be a rich addition to your home! These wax melts are only made with ecologically sustainable rapeseed wax and high-quality essential oils or perfumes. The herbal wax melts all contain a herbal topping and small gems.

Break off a piece of wax melt and place it on a wax melt burner, place a tealight in the burner and light it. The wax melt will melt and spread a wonderful scent in your house! The wax melts last about 6-8 hours per block.

Is your wax melt completely used? You can return the empty packaging to us at markets or fairs, for an overview look at our “agenda” page. We recycle them by refilling them, and you can then immediately select a new wax melt with a 10% discount!