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Cleansing • Amplifying • Manifestation

Calcite activates and stimulates physical, mental and spiritual growth and development. It unites the emotional and mind bodies and soothes the spirit, it is a good stone for inner peace. The stone is motivating, promotes self-confidence, decisiveness, steadfastness and gives hope and courage. Calcite stimulates analytical thinking, promotes concentration and attracts success. It can absorb negative energy from a room, which means that the stone must be cleaned regularly. Physically it stimulates metabolism and the immune system and promotes growth in children.

White calcite has a number of names, also called clear calcite, optical calcite or iceland spar. The stone was first found in Iceland and is double refractive, just put this stone down on the newspaper, you will be able to read the text but words will show up twice. The light is bent in two ways as it passes through the transparent calcite, making images appear double. This calcite variety is usually completely transparent and contains rainbow inclusions.

White calcite is very similar to rock crystal, not only in appearance, but also in properties. Both offer clarity, insight, manifestation, improvement, power and can be used to program intentions. It is a stone for finding solutions because it helps in finding the cause of the problem and removing it. The stone is also a perfect meditation stone because of its ability to re-tune our chakras and cleanse the aura. White calcite strengthens and cleans energy from the environment, restores motivation and accelerates growth and development. The stone raises consciousness, connects with higher spiritual states and generates psychic abilities.