Zodiac Sagittarius Bracelet – Sodalite, Labradorite and Hawk’s Eye


Crystal and sandalwood beads bracelet for the Sagittarius zodiac sign (November 23 – December 21). This bracelet contains the following gemstone beads: sodalite, labradorite and hawk’s eye. A nice, personal gift for someone whose birthday is in this period or for yourself!

Sagittarius, you are: optimistic, adventurous, honest, reliable and independent.  The stones in this set are specially selected for you and fit perfectly with the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The stones are meant to strengthen your positive qualities.

Wear the bracelet to remind you of your daily intentions.

  • Description


    Sodalite is known as the stone of harmony. Sodalite harmonizes physical and mental blockages and deepens your meditation. It unites the masculine and feminine, intuition and logic. It helps to solve problems caused by duality. Sodalite reduces irritability, guilt feelings, inflammation, helps relax and ensures a better night’s sleep.

    Sodalite increases awareness and helps you to create order and to express your own beliefs, both verbally and through actions. Sodalite encourages idealism and the urge for truth. It helps to observe oppressed parts of your nature without judging and to accept them again. This stone offers space to live the life that you have chosen freely and consciously. Sodalite helps you stay true to yourself.

    Sodalite helps you see where your path is, it acts as a guide on your personal journey, helps you immerse yourself in the experience of spiritual growth, without worrying about the possibilities you get in the process.


    Labradorite is a special stone and has beautiful shades of blue, purple and gold when the stone is polished. It is a mystical stone of transformation and magic. If you use this stone when you feel down or if your energy has been pumped out, it will help you recover.

    Labradorite protects against negative energies, removes unwanted energy and protects its own energy field against negative influences from outside. Labradorite is seen as an amulet against negativity and gives you a realistic view of life. He stimulates your consciousness, strengthens intuition, reduces anxiety, gives you confidence and perseverance.

    Labradorite stimulates your consciousness, strengthens intuition and reduces anxiety. It stimulates imagination and creativity and helps to develop ideas.

    Hawk’s Eye

    Hawk’s eye is also called blue tiger’s eye. Hawk’s eye is associated with focus and eyesight, also spiritually. It will help you to visualize spiritual and material goals with a greater sense of clarity. The stone will help to discharge what is in your heart and purify your thoughts so that you are ready to receive universal truths.

    This stone will encourage you not to go with the flow but to find your own path, but also to help you look inside yourself and give insight into internal emotional problems. The vibrations of the hawk’s eye help you stay honest with yourself and let you hold on to your personal truths, give you mental clarity and improved insight into situations that are going on in your life. Because falcon’s eye is connected to the throat chakra, effective communication will be improved.

    Hawk’s eye removes creative blockages and stimulates creative thinking. It will increase the imagination and provide support when coming up with new ideas and concepts. The stone helps with a relaxed and calm posture, so that it becomes easier to overcome your fears and relieve worries.

    Additional information

    We are happy to adjust the size to offer you a perfect fit. These sizes are available. Please measure your wrist before selecting a size:

    – Extra Small (also for children): 16 cm / 6’28 inch
    – Small: 17 cm / 6’69 inch
    – Medium: 18 cm / 7’08 inch
    – Large: 19 cm / 7’48 inch
    – Extra Large: 20 cm / 7’87 inch

    The beads are all 8mm in diameter.

    Maintenance of your gemstone bracelet:

    – Keep your gem bracelet and other jewelry separate from each other to prevent scratches.
    – Apply your gemstone bracelet after washing and applying makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions, sunscreen or perfume.
    – Try to protect your gemstone bracelet against chemicals, extreme temperatures and prolonged sunlight.
    – Do not wear your gemstone bracelet while swimming or showering. The chlorine or salt water can cause color changes and damage to various gems and other components.

  • Additional information
    Select your size

    16 cm – 6'29 inch, 17 cm – 6'69 inch, 18 cm – 7'08 inch, 19 cm – 7'48 inch, 20 cm – 7'87 inch

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