Spirit Animal Shark – Apatite Jewelry Set Bracelet and Pendant


Survival • Fearless • Takes Chances

Is shark your favorite animal? Then this spirit animal shark gemstone bracelet and orgone pendant is for you! This shark bracelet is made with apatite gemstones and matte grey agate. This shark orgone pendant is filled with apatite gemstones, copper snippets and the loving qualities of the beautiful shark. With every purchase we donate to a good cause.

The pendant comes with a silver colored chain that you can replace if desired. A card with the characteristics of the animal comes with the pendant, which are both in a see-through bag. You will get a watercolor shark card with the properties of the animal.

Shark affirmation: “Bite firmly into the chances that you get.”

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  • Description


    Shark stands for survival, warrior, fearless, strong and takes chances.

    Do you often get chances on your path that you let go because you feel like they are too big for you? Would you like to embrace yourself to those opportunities with open arms without fear? I can help you! Are you ready to seize all the opportunities that will come your way?


    Apatite increases vitality, personal strength and mental health, physical, spiritual growth and development. It works motivating, makes ambitious, independent and helps you to achieve goals.

    Additional details

    We gladly customize the bracelet size to provide you with a perfect fit. These sizes are available, please measure your wrist before selecting a size:

    – Child size: 15 cm = 6 inch
    – Extra Small: 16 cm = 6 1/3 inch
    – Small: 17 cm = 6 3/4 inch
    – Medium: 19 cm = 7 1/2 inch
    – Large: 21 cm = 8 1/4 inch
    – Extra Large: 23 cm = 9 inch

    Orgone pendant details:
    The pendant is + – 2cm in diameter. The supplied chain has a length of 43cm.

    Maintenance of the pendant:
    – The Orgone pendant does not have to be charged, he does this on his own. However, you can choose to give him the energy of the sun and the moon.
    – Do not swim and shower with the hanger, to avoid disappointment that it may become dull.
    – Put off the hanger while sleeping and place it next to your pillow or on your bedside table.
    – The hanger is also very suitable for children. If there is a pendant that contains a gemstone that is not suitable for children, this will be mentioned here.
    – The chain that comes with is no real silver and will discolor over time.

    Maintenance of the bracelet:

    – Gemstone bracelets should only be put on after washing and applying any makeup, hairspray, gels, lotions, sun lotions or perfume.
    – Try to protect your gemstone bracelet from harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and long-term sunlight.
    – Please don’t wear any gemstone bracelets when swimming or showering. The chlorine or salty sea water can cause color changes and damages to various gemstones and other components.

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  • Additional information
    Select your size

    16 cm – 6'29 inch, 17 cm – 6'69 inch, 18 cm – 7'08 inch, 19 cm – 7'48 inch, 20 cm – 7'87 inch

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