Spinel in Muscovite Pocket Stone / Palm Stone


Renewal • Revitalize • Trust

Take these stones with you easily! Pocket stones are not that big and flat in shape so that you can easily put them in your pocket or other pockets. Because they are flat you can take them comfortably with you during your day.

The stone can be held in the hand and rotated, due to the contact with the skin of the hand, the stone has a calming influence and allows it to exert its powers. Because of the flat shape, they are also comfortable to hold.

Spinel in muscovite affirmation: “My possibilities are endless.”

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    The name spinel comes from the Greek word for spark. The name is also said to come from the Latin word spina for spine or thorn, as spinel is often found as very sharp crystals.

    Spinel is a stone of hope, revitalization and the feeling of the joy of living. Spinel comes in many different colors, but red and blue are the most famous as they were mistaken for ruby ??and sapphire for centuries. Spinel is perfect to reach out for when you feel a lack of energy or enthusiasm, or find it difficult to withdraw from negative thoughts. Spinel helps to bring new energy to your mind, body, heart and soul.

    Spiritually, spinel is helpful for inspiring new ideas and making you think differently about any situation where your thoughts get stuck. It can broaden your perspective to make you think beyond the boundaries of old beliefs. Emotionally, Spinel brings the same fresh energy of renewal, helps wipe out old negative thought patterns and beliefs, and ushers in a new way of looking at yourself. It can deepen your sense of self-acceptance and help transform you into the highest version of yourself.


    Muscovite is named after the Muscovy province in Russia and is the most common form of mica. Mica normally forms in layered ‘plates’ and comes in a versatile palette of colors. Muscovite is the pink/purple colored variant.

    Muscovite stands for love and opens the heart to share love. It helps you to accept the imperfections of others and to gain more confidence in yourself and others. It will help you to live in the present, and if you let go of “today”, the future can unfold as intended. You can also skip this way. Muscovite also supports the body in achieving the most appropriate weight and prevents hunger during a diet.

    The stone encourages you to practice more time on your spiritual side by connecting you to your higher self. The stone is a good tool when you are studying, it allows you to use all parts of your mind so that problem solvers can be thought about compexer. This can also be useful for solving social problems. The stone is also great for communicating with the angels.

    Additional information

    Each stone will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. Sizes:
    Pocket or palm stone: 3-4 cm long / wide, 0.5 – 1 cm thick.

    The stones have been cleaned before shipment.

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