Sodalite Pocket Stone / Palm Stone


Harmony • Intuition • Truth

Take these stones with you easily! Pocket stones are not that big and flat in shape so that you can easily put them in your pocket or other pockets. Because they are flat you can take them comfortably with you during your day.

The stone can be held in the hand and rotated, due to the contact with the skin of the hand, the stone has a calming influence and allows it to exert its powers. Because of the flat shape, they are also comfortable to hold.

Sodalite affirmation: “I speak my truth and communicate openly and honestly.”

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    Sodalite is known as the stone of harmony. Sodalite harmonizes physical and mental blockages and deepens your meditation. It unites the masculine and feminine, intuition and logic. It helps to solve problems caused by duality. Sodalite reduces irritability, guilt feelings, inflammation, helps relax and ensures a better night’s sleep.

    Sodalite increases awareness and helps you to create order and to express your own beliefs, both verbally and through actions. Sodalite encourages idealism and the urge for truth. It helps to observe oppressed parts of your nature without judging and to accept them again. This stone offers space to live the life that you have chosen freely and consciously. Sodalite helps you stay true to yourself.

    Sodalite helps you see where your path is, acts as a guide on your personal journey, helps you to immerse yourself in the experience of spiritual growth, without worrying about the possibilities you get in the process.

    Additional information

    Each stone will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. Sizes:
    Pocket or palm stone: 3-4 cm long / wide, 0.5 – 1 cm thick.

    The stones have been cleaned before shipment.

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