Septarian – Palm Stone / XL Polished Hand Stone


Self-Confidence • Communication • Self-Healing

Beautiful, round polished cuddle stone. This jumbo format is a great addition to your collection and can also be used as a decoration. These stones are nicely smooth and shiny, without sharp edges. The stone can be held in the hand and rotated, due to the contact with the skin of the hand, the stone has a calming influence and allows it to exert its forces.

Septarian affirmation: “I am letting go of the old to make room for the new.”

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    Septarian stones are unique in that they were formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and attracted life in the Dead Sea by chemically binding them to the sediment to form mud balls. They are composed of calcite, which forms the yellow centers, and the brown lines are aragonite. The outer gray layer is limestone.

    Septarian, also called dragon stone, is a wonderful stone to take with you or wear when you speak in public as it gives you confidence in your spoken word and allows you to grab the attention of the audience. This stone allows for better tolerance and patience, as well as emotional flexibility. It can measure the underlying cause of a disease when meditated on, and focuses the body on the power of the self-healing process. Septarian can absorb your energy when it is held for a period of time and transfers that energy when needed.

    Additional information

    Each stone will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. Sizes:
    Jumbo stone: 3.5-7 cm long / wide, 1-3 cm thick.

    The stones have been cleaned before shipment.

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