Scented Candle Lammas – Yellow Aventurine Crystal Candle


Lammas is known as the first harvest festival and is traditionally celebrated on August 1. Lammas is also sometimes called Lughnasadh or the Grain Festival. During this annual celebration people thank the earth for its gentleness and we reflect on the fading light of the sun. You can see Lammas as an introduction to autumn and farewell to summer, because despite the warm time the days are clearly getting shorter again. Like Imbolc and Ostara, Lammas is an agricultural festival. After Lammas there are two more harvest festivals, namely Mabon and Samhain. These products can get you started to reflect on the power of Lammas and the splendor of magic and manifestations, so take the time to reflect on the harvest and the cycle that goes with it.

This Spell Candle made of soy wax can help you to spread the light of Lammas, to enhance the experience of the candle a wooden wick is used. The candle has a composition of basil, bergamot, sandalwood and incense and is finished with a spicy topping and a yellow aventurine gemstone.

You can use this candle to aid in spells, manifestations and the celebration of Lammas. We designed it with that intention. But you can also burn this delicious scented candle when you feel like it, even if it is not Lammas (anymore).

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