Scented Candle Imbolc – Chrysocolla Crystal Candle


Beltaine is also known as May night or Vanadis night and can be seen as the counterpart of Samhain. Life is celebrated with this annual festival; everything is now in bloom and the world is in its full glory. It is a time to reflect on light, life, flowering and fertilization. This scented candle can get you started to reflect on the power of Beltaine and the splendor of magic and manifestations, so take the time to celebrate light and fertility and welcome the glory of life.

This Spell Candle of soy wax can help you to spread the light of Beltaine, to enhance the experience of the candle a wooden wick is used. The candle has a composition of jasmine, Egyptian rose, ylang-ylang, vanilla and musk and is finished with a spicy topping and a moss agate gemstone.

You can use this candle to aid in spells, manifestations, and celebration of Beltaine. We designed it with that intention.
But you can also burn this delicious scented candle when you feel like it, even if it is no longer Beltaine.

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