Sardonyx Pocket Stone / Palm Stone


Courage • Willpower • Discipline

Take these stones with you easily! Pocket stones are not that big and flat in shape so that you can easily put them in your pocket or other pockets. Because they are flat you can take them comfortably with you during your day.

The stone can be held in the hand and rotated, due to the contact with the skin of the hand, the stone has a calming influence and allows it to exert its powers. Because of the flat shape, they are also comfortable to hold.

Sardonyx affirmation: “I am brave and learn by trial and error.”

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    Sardonyx has been used since ancient times as a stone of strength and protection and is associated with courage, happiness and clear communication. It brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and connections. It is even said that they allow someone to project such an incredible charisma that many people suggest that the stone is used with care not to overwhelm others. Wear them if you want extra conviction and communication power in a certain circumstance.

    Sardonyx encourages you to strive for a meaningful existence. It increases willpower and reinforces a virtuous character, making you friendly and helpful.
    Sardonyx is perfect to help maintain a clear mind while meditating. Use this stone as your focus stone during the meditation process to ward off distracting thoughts, sounds and interruptions. This is a stone of great discipline and it is a good tool for all kinds of spiritual exercises because it will strengthen and stabilize your routine.

    Sardonyx provides the stabilization and power needed to have the endurance, the energy and the power to create prosperity and happiness based on good moral ethics. With its earth vibrations, this stone helps you to translate your energies into tangible results. The stone will increase business success.

    Additional information

    Each stone will vary in size, shape, color and pattern. Sizes:
    Pocket or palm stone: 3-4 cm long / wide, 0.5 – 1 cm thick.

    The stones have been cleaned before shipment.

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