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Lammas is known as the first harvest festival and is traditionally celebrated on August 1. Lammas is also sometimes called Lughnasadh or the Grain Festival. During this annual celebration the earth is thanked for its generosity and we reflect on the fading light of the sun. You can see Lammas as an introduction to autumn and farewell to summer, because despite the warm time the days are clearly getting shorter again. Like Imbolc and Ostara, Lammas is an agricultural festival. After Lammas there are two more harvest festivals, namely Mabon and Samhain. These products can get you started to reflect on the power of Lammas and the splendor of magic and manifestations, so take the time to reflect on the harvest and the cycle that goes with it.

This box has been specially put together by Happylisz and Crystal Cave with the intention of Lammas and contains:

A Spell Candle made of soy wax to help spread the light of Lammas, to enhance the experience of the candle, a wooden wick is used. The candle is finished with a spicy topping and a yellow aventurine gemstone.
A Spell Bag Kit to reflect on Lammas and the intentions of this celebration. In the bag you will find everything you need to get started making a Spell Bag yourself. We provide a clear description, along with the necessary herbs, gemstones and the pouch.
A herbal tea of ??cinnamon, rose hip, sandalwood, ginger and marjoram, mixed in a kraft bag.
A Gemstone set consisting of red tiger eye, citrine quartz, obsidian.
A tube of Ritual Salt. This ritual salt mixture contains various dried botanicals and salt, chosen specifically for their magical purposes and intent. This blend of ingredients is made for Lammas and contains Dead Sea salt, formulated with cinnamon, rose hip, sandalwood, ginger and marjoram. You can use the salt for cleaning or during rituals. The tubes are reusable.
A bottle of Ritual Oil. A magical blend of oils captures the sacred essence of Litha. This mixture contains the (essential) oils of sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot and basil, which are combined in sesame oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Use this oil by smearing it on candles, wax melts or other ritual objects in order to more deeply manifest your intentions for Litha. As you rub the object, focus on the outcome you wish to achieve with your ritual.
Artwork and general description. The complete products are collected in a sturdy box.
The products are handmade and assembled by hand and may therefore differ slightly from the photos shown.

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    Lammas Box – Additional Information

    This Lammas Box has been put together by Happylisz and Crystal Cave, with the approach to allow you to fully enjoy this beautiful and special annual celebration. We have tried to create and add as complete a collection as possible to various products. The products can also be purchased separately.


    Gemstone Scented Candle – Spell Candle – Lammas
    Scented candle in glass, poured with soy wax and provided with a wooden wick and contains the (essential) oils basil, bergamot, sandalwood and incense. The topping on the candle is a mix of marjoram, heather and rose hip, a yellow aventurine tumbled stone is also included.

    Spell Bag Kit – Lammas
    Spell Bag Kit composed with heather, marjoram and allspice grains (all approx. 10 grams), citrine split stones and a burlap bag are included.

    Herbal tea – Lammas
    Herbal tea in kraft bag with a mix consisting of cinnamon, rose hip, sandalwood, ginger and marjoram. it is therefore a small variation on our Lammas tea in glass.

    Gemstone Set – Lammas
    Red Tiger Eye, Citrine Quartz, Obsidian

    Ritual Salt – Lammas
    Ritual salt tube with a mix of dead sea salt, cinnamon, rose hip, sandalwood, ginger and marjoram.

    Ritual Oil – Lammas
    Ritual oil bottle with a mixture of sesame oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil, along with (essential) oils of sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot and basil.

    All products come packed in a luxury box, together with artwork and a description, in addition, personalization of this product is possible.

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