Charoite Bracelet – Round Beads and Wood


Transformation • Spiritual Growth • Divine Guidance

Beautiful bracelet made with natural, smooth round charoite beads and wooden beads. The silver beads are silver plated. This combination of stones, wood and silver gives the bracelet a chic look. A nice gift for yourself or loved ones!

You can easily stack this bracelet with other bracelets. The bracelet is available in multiple sizes and is also available in a children’s size.

Charoiet affirmation: “I let go of what no longer serves me to open myself to deeper spiritual insights.”

  • Description


    Charoite is a stone that is often used by light workers. It strengthens the connection with the Divine source. Charoiet lets you trust the Exalted Being and enables them to help you during your journey. It will enhance the flow of energy from the higher transpersonal chakras to the twelfth chakra. As you begin to work with them, you will find new spiritual gifts. Charoiet will help you with the process, it brings these energies to the depths of your being.

    Charoiet stimulates inner vision, spiritual insight, overcomes fear and helps with incredible change on a spiritual level. During this process, charoiet transforms negative emotions such as fear and anger into positive energies. It will lead you to let go of everything that holds you back from the change that allows forward movement.

    Additional details

    After measuring your wrist you can choose from the following sizes:

    – Extra Small (also for children): 16 cm / 6’28 inch
    – Small: 17 cm / 6’69 inch
    – Medium: 18 cm / 7’08 inch
    – Large: 19 cm / 7’48 inch
    – Extra Large: 20 cm / 7’87 inch

    The beads are all 8mm in diameter.

    Maintenance of your gemstone bracelet:
    – Keep your gem bracelet and other jewelry separate from each other to prevent scratches.
    – Apply your gemstone bracelet after washing and applying makeup, hair spray, gels, lotions, sunscreen or perfume.
    – Try to protect your gemstone bracelet against chemicals, extreme temperatures and prolonged sunlight.
    – Do not wear your gemstone bracelet while swimming or showering. The chlorine or salt water can cause color changes and damage to various gems and other components.

  • Additional information
    Select your size

    16 cm – 6'29 inch, 17 cm – 6'69 inch, 18 cm – 7'08 inch, 19 cm – 7'48 inch, 20 cm – 7'87 inch

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