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Beltaine is also known as May night or Vanadis night and can be seen as the counterpart of Samhain. Life is celebrated with this annual festival; everything is now in bloom and the world is in its full glory. It is a time to reflect on light, life, flowering and fertilization. This Spell Bag can get you started to reflect on the power of Beltaine and the splendor of magic and manifestations, so take the time to celebrate light and fertility and welcome the glory of life.

This Spell Bag Kit was designed with Beltaine’s intentions, focusing on the flowering period and the glory of life. The kit contains everything to get started making your Spell Bag yourself. A clear description helps you to provide a basis, but also gives you room to put your own personality in the Bag.

The kit consists of rose quartz, marigold, lavender and rose petals and includes a burlap bag to complete your mix, spells and manifestations.

  • Description

    This kit is a collection of herbs and gemstones, tailored to the Beltaine annual celebration. The kit contains everything to get started making your own Spell Bag or Ritual Bag. The kit comes with a clear description that will help you on your way through the making process, but also give you room to put your own personality in the Spell Bag.

    A Spell Bag is a bag, in this case made of jute, in which you can put a mixture of herbs and gemstones that match the intention you want to give the bag. You can also add objects or symbols that suit your own personality or what you make the Spell Bag for, such as with this product Ostara. After you have filled the bag and established your intention, you can carry it with you or hang it somewhere in the house.

    This Spell Bag Kit has been put together with great care by Melissa from Happylisz and offers support to people who are not (yet) familiar with making these kits, but also gives the more experienced makers of Spell and Charm Bags a nice basis to create their own addition.


    The Spell Bag Beltaine consists of marigold, lavender and rose petals (all approx. 5-10 grams) and comes with rose quartz split stones and a burlap bag.

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